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The Controversial Teachings of the Bible...

Updated: Feb 13

For more than 2,000 year the Bible has been read and a variety of discussions have developed into major doctrines (firmly held beliefs) leading to several main Christian Belief Systems leading to much theological debate.

In Protestant Christianity the are three main doctrinal positions help by various church groups today. They are known as: 1) Calvinism 2) Arminianism 3) Pentecostalism. Each of these main positions have several adaptations and many varying groups have formed out of them over the years.

I personally believe these groups are all a part of the "Body of Christ." However, there are strengths and weaknesses in all of them. I am planning my blog to be more "Biblical" than entirely following any one of these group's stated doctrinal positions. I intend to present "Scripture - as found in the Bible" and will be in the "middle of the road" with my comments rather than ascribing to any one Doctrinal Position. The problem with being in the "middle of the road" is that one will get hit by traffic coming from both directions. I once heard a notable theologian say he was a "Cal-Minian." He was saying that he believed some of "both" of these theological positions. I can agree with that.

Though I must be honest and tell you that I personally believe the Bible teaches the doctrine of "Freewill" and that "Jesus died for ALL people, NOT just for those who were Predestined for Heaven and that all others were Predestined for Hell." This puts me in the camp of being more of an "Arminian" than the other two.

In reference to "Pentecostalism" I do agree with the necessity of being "Filled with the Holy Spirit" to live a victorious Christian life. However, I do not believe that this Biblical experience is ALWAYS followed by the sign of one particular spiritual gift. I know many "Spirit-filled Christians" who have not spoken in "tongues", I am one also. I believe this experience is for "cleansing and empowering" the individual for living a godly life and He empowers them for effective Christian service.

In my "Blogs" I will present Scripture and propositions that will hopefully stretch one's faith in the power of God and the resident Holy Spirit in our lives to experience all that God wants us to be and do as His "Fully-Devoted Followers in Christ."

I hope you are up for this journey...hopefully it will change all of us as we learn from each other. It's my prayer that God will be glorified as we grow more and more into the likeness of His Son Jesus which will result with more lost people being saved. Buckle Up!

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