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Our Jesus Film Teams have shown films to more than 827,325 with over 378,406 receiving Christ as their personal Savior.  Our Goal is to have shown it to ONE MILLION by the end of 2024.

Pastor's Evangelism & Leadership Classes, Webuye, Kenya

"Vic Rader is one of the finest soul-winners I know.  He not only leads people to Christ, but he teaches others to do the same."  
John C. Maxwell

Equipping Leaders for The Harvest


Encouragement Inc. began in 1990 as a non-profit church growth consulting & equipping organization. Our staff has trained pastors & leaders across the US and in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.    Our seminars and conferences feature training in the areas of Servant Leadership, Effective Speaking, Proven Church Growth Strategies, and Evangelism and Followup that transforms lives.

The curriculum we teach comes from some of the most effective communicators/leaders in their fields.


Our Mission

Our mission is to equip leaders and Christ followers to serve more effectively according to their God-given talents and gifts.   This results with individuals living purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling lives. Helping people to serve others pleases our Creator.  As we learn to walk in the footsteps and teaching of Jesus Christ we demonstrate to a needy and lost world what being a part of God's Kingdom is all about.  Calling others out of the world and into God's Kingdom is known as "The Great Commission" that was given to us by Jesus.  (Matt. 28:18-20)

Our Purpose

We are committed to bring people into the Kingdom of God and equipping them for effective Kingdom service.  We use the acronym of R.E.A.P. to communicate the programs utilized to accomplish this purpose.

RReaching the Lost.  Through the use of The Jesus Film and The Passion of the Christ film along with open- air Crusades, clear presentations of the gospel message are concluded with an inviation to surrender one's life to Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord.   Participating churches are given free follow-up materials. 

E - Equipping Leaders.  We use only proven effective materials to train pastors and leaders in four important areas of Christian Ministry:  Leadership - John Maxwell;    Effective Preaching  -    Wayne Cordeiro;  7 Step Church Growth Strategy;   Evangelism That Works - Vic Rader

A - Advancing the Kingdom.  After providing training and free materials, pastors are sent out to apply the things they have learned.  Discipleship of New Believers is the focal point of our Evangelism.

P - Providing for the Needy.  In addition to training leaders, we practice "Servant Ministries" by operating Encouragement Children's Homes for Orphans along with Teen Boy & Girl Street Shelters.   Kakamega_Youth_ Shelter.

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