The lessons below can be downloaded and used FREE of charge. 
Firm Foundation Weekly Lessons:
(Read one lesson weekly - Printable)

Lesson #1 "How to Begin Your Christian Life"

Lesson #2  "How to Pray"
Lesson #3  "How to Resist Temptation"

Lesson #4  "How to Witness Effectively"
Lesson #5  "How to Study the Bible"
Lesson #6  "How to Understand Christ's Uniqueness"
Lesson #7  "How to Choose Your Church Home"
Lesson #8  "How the Holy Spirit Works"
Lesson #9  "How to Benefit from Suffering"
Lesson #10  "How to Live a Practical Christian Life"
Lesson #11  "How to be a Good Steward"
Lesson #12  "How to be Used by God"

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