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Encouragement Inc. has been operating Jesus Film Teams in Kenya for more than twelve years.  We go into the rural and poverty areas of the Western Province where many times "The Jesus Film" or "The Passion of the Christ" films have not been shown. With our program we like to show the film in "neutral" places rather than in church buildings or on church properties. This makes it easier to attract watchers who may not be wanting to go to any certain church.

Prior to going into these areas to show the film, our team leaders meet with area Pastors and Church Leaders to go over our policy for showing the film.  Participating Pastors are given instruction on how to provide Prayer Counselors and all Participating Pastors are given sample copies and access to FREE follow-up material for a "12 week Firm Foundation" class.   At the conclusion of the film showing the various participating pastors are introduced to the audience to give the times and locations of their church services.  


Our experience when showing this film in the rural areas is that it will attract an average of around 500 viewers.  One half of these audiences pray to receive Christ at the conclusion.    The respondents are given an "Are You Sure?" tract with the plan of salvation in their native Swahili language.  Each team shows the film at least five times per month, which means an average of 30,000 people per team see The Jesus Film.   As of August 2019 there have been 503,456 people who have seen the films with 228,731 praying to receive Christ as Savior.

The Jesus Film and The Passion of the Christ films are the most effective evangelistic outreach tool I have witnessed in the 35 years of pastoring churches and doing missionary work in Africa since 2000.


Having been a pastor and always looking for "effective" missionary endeavors to direct our missionary funds to, I would have jumped at the chance to have my church "sponsoring" a team under these guidelines.

Every church willing to donate $100 per month can be the "sponsor" of one of these missionary Film Teams. Sponsoring churches will receive monthly emails, praise reports, and pictures along with a statistical report from the team leader. 100% of these JFT funds will be sent/spent to provide fuel & transportation for the sponsored Jesus Film Team to conduct the film showings.

Feel free to contact me with questions and for more details. Thanks for prayerfully considering this life-changing opportunity. If you are not a Pastor, please forward this to him. Thanks!


Building the Kingdom of God Together, one soul at a time!


Vic Rader, Founder/President

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